Simple answer: Because you're in good hands. Forward Test Prep has the niche and is confident.

Proof? Check out qualifications on Team page. But for now, it may be good to know when an over 30-year accumulative cache of experience in ESL/EFL/GE in Canada and abroad with 20+ years of it focused on IELTS Academic/IELTS General/CELPIP General & CELPIP LS test preparation complete with being a former IELTS Examiner and official ESOL Oral Examiner for the University of Cambridge, England and the British Council for 5 Cambridge Examinations (KET/PET/FCE/CAE/CPE) come together, it will boil down to one thing: Forward Test Prep has the know-how, the edge. 
There is no definite answer to this question. Either test has its own pros and cons. You need to know yourself and your skills well in the first place: Are you more of a computer-oriented person or are you a more traditional person? Also, you need to be evaluated by a Test Prep professional, not your immigration lawyer!
Either test has its own features. While IELTS is easier in terms of listening and speaking components, CELPIP is easier as far as writing component is concerned. However, the degree of ease is relative. An expert can compare the two tests for you.
Typically, they are pretty much the same. Know yourself and identify your needs. If you are more comfortable working with computer or you would like to get your hands on your report card faster, the computer delivered version fits the bill. Otherwise, stay in your comfort zone and stick to the pen and paper (regular) IELTS.
As far as the four components (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) of the test are concerned, there is basically no difference between them. Obviously, the computer delivered IELTS is done online, while the regular (pen and paper) IELTS is done on paper. However, there are two important differences that should be taken into account: Except for the listening, reading and writing components, the interview is done in person with a real speaking examiner (just like the regular IELTS) if you are taking the online IELTS, and you receive the results for the online version within 5-7 business days compared to two weeks for the regular IELTS. Rest assured, everything else is the same. 
It depends on you. If you don’t have the time or the nerves to commute multiple times to see your tutor, then online lessons will be your best bet. Online lessons will allow you to save massive time, avoid endless commutes, cut hefty expenses, and save the planet!
Absolutely not! With online lessons, you can enjoy the convenience of your own place while you benefit from exact same quality as in in-person lessons!
Be it IELTS Academic, IELTS General, CELPIP General, CELPIP LS, ESL, or EFL, we recommend speaking and writing skills only since quality matters.
You need to be assessed in terms of your skills, first off. The initial evaluation will determine the approximate number and frequency of the lessons you need.
No. Neither test will disadvantage you because of your accent. However, your pronunciation will be fully taken into consideration.
Simply put, accent is the music of the way you speak which is affected by the music of your mother tongue. However, pronunciation is about how you say words and individual sounds. In other words, how you produce the sounds of the English language sound system and how you put these individual sounds together to produce words will determine your pronunciation.
Yes, to some extent, and no. This predominantly depends on factors such as your age, talent, and amount of practice. Taking accent reduction courses may help you to some extent. Meanwhile, you can improve your pronunciation significantly by taking courses such as Pronunciation Improvement Course (PIC).
Yes, we do. As a matter of fact, the Pronunciation Improvement Course (PIC) is developed by Forward Test Prep. So, it's our own product.
Sorry again!
Your grammar, sentence structure, coherence, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and choice of vocabulary will be taken care of.
It depends on how much notice you give prior to your deadline, how many pages your work is, and how heavily it is in need of editing/proofreading. Once those factors are determined, it will be ASAP.
It is calculated per page (24-line, double-spaced, and 12-point font size).
Certainly! Just send them in!
Definitely! We correct both Tasks 1 and 2 IELTS Academic or General. Send them in!
Absolutely! We fix your Tasks 1 and 2 errors. Send them in!
Yes, we do! Send them in!
Definitely! We correct both Task 1 and 2 CELPIP General writing. Send them in!
Absolutely! We fix your Tasks 1 and 2 errors. Send them in!
Sure thing! Send them in!
You need to know what to say and how to put it for the Speaking component.
You need to know what to write and how to put it for the Writing component.
Put simply, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a proficiency test used mainly for immigration to a variety of English-speaking countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK. However, the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is predominantly used for immigration purposes to Canada. Obviously, it is based on life in Canada and the everyday English in this country. As a result, the more you immerse yourself in Canadian life and culture, the better you will perform on CELPIP General.
Absolutely not.
Definitely. You can do this right after your first lesson and assessment. Based on the assessment, your tutor will advise how many lessons would be in your best interest. However, the choice is always yours and you have the last word. 
Not really. Your budget and time will determine which package works best for you. However, your tutor who assesses you is the best person to advise how many lessons or which package would be better for you. So, before you decide to buy any package, make sure you have at least one lesson which includes assessment. Maybe, you will not need a larger package, or maybe you need many lessons.